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Why Pre-Seed is a Fertility-Friendly Lubricant

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Pre-Seed has been extensively clinically tested and is fertility-friendly making it the perfect lubricant for couples trying to conceive. Pre-Seed’s isotonic formula matches a woman’s fertile fluids allowing sperm to swim freely through the formula. Your patients will benefit from using the applicators with Pre-Seed to have the product deposited right near the cervix. The Pre-Seed product then combines with the woman’s natural cervical mucus. This creates an optimal environment for sperm. Pre-Seed is the first lubricant allowed to claim that it is "safe for use when trying to conceive" based on regulatory review, biocompatibility testing and independent published studies.

Pre-Seed is the first lubricant with independent studies confirming that it does not harm human sperm (Agarwal et al., 2008; Vargas et al., 2011). According to Vargas et al, "Among the gels evaluated, only Pre-Seed did not show any sperm toxicity, making it the most appropriate lubricant choice for women who are trying to conceive." Pre-Seed is also recommended in several clinical textbooks, as well as in the ASRM Practice Guideline "Optimizing Natural Fertility" and in the US Library of Medicine/NIH Guidelines for helping women identify their fertile days.

Clinical Studies Show Other Lubricants Can Damage Sperm

Published studies over the past three decades have shown that most "everyday" lubricants and even olive oil, glycerin, saliva and water can impair sperm motility on contact in laboratory testing. In fact, sperm damage with leading lubricants has been cited as similar to that seen with contraceptive gels (Tulandi et al, 1982; Frishman et al, 1992; Miller et al, 1994; Kutteh et al, 1996; Anderson et al, 1998; Agarwal et al, 2008; Vargas et al, 2011). Couples who are trying to conceive should be advised to avoid lubricant products that damage sperm (learn more).

Pre-Seed's Effective Formula

Besides being "fertility-friendly," Pre-Seed Lubricant has been reported in independent studies to be as slippery and smooth as, if not better than, leading lubricants (Mahan et al, 2011). Pre-Seed’s isotonic formula has also been reported to be less irritating to mucous membranes than leading lubricants, which because of their hypertonic formulas, can cause severe irritation and even tissue damage. (Adriaens & Remon, 2008; Russo et al., 2010).

Extensive third-party testing has been done to confirm Pre-Seed Lubricant’s safety for use by couples who are trying to conceive. Additionally, each lot of Pre-Seed is tested prior to product release to ensure gamete biocompatibility.

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