Why Use Pre-Seed to Get Pregnant

Mother and Child

Pre-Seed is Fertility-Friendly and Feels Natural

Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant acts like your body’s own fertile fluids for a very natural feeling during sex. Pre-Seed is glycerin-free so sperm can swim freely and it is specially formulated to be less irritating than most other lubricants. In clinical studies, Pre-Seed Lubricant has been reported to be as slippery and smooth as, if not better than, leading lubes.

Published medical studies report that leading “non-spermicidal” lubricants can damage the ability of sperm to swim on contact in laboratory testing. Other lubes may still harm sperm even if they are water based or do not contain a spermicide. Common leading lubricants damage sperm because they have the wrong pH and are not "isotonic," meaning they have high salt or ion levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming. Some also contain sperm-toxic ingredients, such as glycerol (glycerin). Even saliva and water can kill sperm and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

Instead of using other water based lubricants that contain glycerin, a sperm friendly lube like Pre-Seed is the right one to use when you are trying to become pregnant.